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I'm Nina, 31 years old and the mom of Rosa (almost 4) and Julie (almost two). I'm a ceramics and paperwares designer, which also shows a bit in our girls room, because they get constantly changing exhibitions of my new poster designs in their room ;-). Well, their reaction to a design is often helpful and interesting to me! However sometimes they get a little upset when I've replaced their favorites with something new again, so now that they're getting older decorating their room becomes more of a joint project and not just my personal creative play garden.

 The girls share a room that isn't super big, so their main play area is downstairs, where they have a large corner in our living room that's dedicated to their toys and play. So their bedroom is mainly a place where they sleep. The only toys in their bedroom are some plush animals, and of course a lot of books for bedtime stories!
I love to put some of their most beautiful clothes on display, and seeing them around also encourages my eldest to actually wear them... (she can be very picky when it comes to choosing her outfits ;-))
Color is an important ingredient of my girls' room and the outfits they wear (and the same thing goes for me). Though I can sometimes admire very minimalist or black/white styles, I think kids should be surrounded by a bit of color! Also it's important for me that no matter how much I can love (kids) design and fashion, in the end they are not little fashion dolls who live in some kind of magazine decor, but real kids who behave like actual kids do. So usually it's kind of messy wherever they go, and they dress in all kinds of fun/crazy combinations of colors and prints. Which is fine, I sometimes think we shouldn't be blinded too much by all the perfect images we see around. Though sometimes it also drives me a little crazy of course, to see them behaving like little tornados around the nice corners that I've tried to create ;-). Living with kids and loving design and interior decoration will always be a bit of a juggling game I guess.
In the girls room we've used some vintage cots from the 1950s, but I can imagine that we will move on to something like bunk beds in the near future to create some more space to play. I've seen so many fun and creative examples of those lately, so I'm sure we can find something nice and playful when the girls are ready to move to bigger beds.

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