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Hi my name is Angie Batis Durrant and I live in Illovo, Johannesburg, South Africa with my awesome husband Shane and my beautiful, brand new baby girl Nina James.

My husband and I are restauranteurs, we have just recently sold 2 of our restaurants, but still own a coffee roastery called Father and are currently opening up noodle/dim sum bar in another part of our city. I'm a full time blogger, I've been running my blog for the past 6 years. I'm also a freelance art director and space conceptualizer/designer. My husband is the leas singer in a successful band called Desmond and the Tutus and he is also a freelance designer and copywriter. And now we are both first time parents, which we are loving.

We live in a 180 square meter flat in Illovo, one of the raddest areas (in my opinion) in Johannesburg. Our flat has 3 bedrooms, one of which belongs to Nina James. We wanted to fill the room with lots of things that would one day make her happy, when she's old enough to appreciate and actually focus on her surroundings :) Her house cot (the bars are still coming) and changing table were actually designed by my husband and I and then handmade by him. He's not a carpenter, but has found a love for making things out of wood and he's really good at it, which makes me super happy. We wanted a black and white theme in her room, which we sort of stuck to, but then we had and were given too many awesome colourful things that had to be included, so it kind of has a semi-black and white theme.

Nearly all the pieces that make up her room are locally made by designers and friends. I'm a big fan and supporter of all things local, so I'm only too happy to have all these goodies in her room. Three of my most favourite things in the room has to be the wooden house cot, the vinyl triangles that fill the one wall, we did this instead of buying wallpaper, that way we can switch it up every few years if we fancy a bit of a change and the ceramic animal collection that I have been collecting for years. I must have over 100 ceramic animals, but the ones in Nina's room are special because the moms are linked to their babies by means of a gold chained leash and I thought they looked sweet on her shelf.

We had a lot of fun planning and decorating her room and I I really hope you've enjoyed the tour...

Instagram: @miss_luckypony

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