Room Tour- @minimockspetra

Hi!  My name is Petra and I live with my hub Martin and two kids in Stockholm, Sweden. Our son Frank is just over three and our daughter Liv is 15 month, such funny ages!!

I’m lucky enough to be my own boss at my little company Mini Mocks. I design and sew childrens shoes and accessories in organic leather.

We live in a 1980’s rental flat in the suburbs. And as you know, not many spectacular architectural designs came out of the 80s! Unfortunately we have plastic carpet and low ceiling and are just lucky to have big windows and a corner position..! All four of us share one bedroom. Not very modern (or private), I know. But their playroom wouldn’t fit two beds at the moment and we might just change rooms soon.

A little crowded, but very cosy. Frank is a true mama’s boy and sometimes likes to hold hands in the night (awww…) so he sleeps next to me in his bed.

I change their room around frequently. I’m a true DIY person so I paint and re-decorate all the time. Some of the things in here we’ve made ourselves; like that cool play wood shelving and the colorful blind. Since we try to be an eco-friendly family, we do buy a lot of furniture and toys second hand. Thrift shopping is even more fun then e-shopping, and very good for the environment too!

I try to have clear-outs from time to time but I don’t like when it is too clean and white. Kids need color and lots of different materials, but I try to avoid plastic. Why do relatives keep buying plastic toys? They should know me by now:)

I also think it’s sweet with little stations, like a station for reading, one for drawing, one for music, and so on. Let their creativity flow! And never use their room as a punishment, like ”go to your room”. It should be a fun place…

Thank you so much for taking the tour with me, hope you liked it!



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