Room Tour @LisaLovesHerLife

My name is Lisa. I am living in Nuremberg (Germany) with my family. We have two kids – Ben will be four years old soon and our daughter Marie is currently eight months old.At the moment we live in a flat in a quiet residential neighbourhood right by the side of a small lake. I love the fact to live in green surroundings, but still just a few minutes from the town center.

Currently our kids still share their nursery. Until now it was only a playroom, but since a few days Ben started sleeping there from time to time.The children´s room is one of my favourite rooms in our flat. One side is nearly completely glazed – so also the little ones are able to enjoy the view whenever they want. I love the light and airy feel of our apartment! 

Almost all pieces of our furniture are white –  in the children´s room the toys and the accessories are the spots of colour. And the great thing is: in just a few simple steps we can redesign the room by exchanging the colours of accessories or by rearranging pictures or toys - even small details can make a big difference.