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My name: Isabella
Age: 30 years.
Instagram alias: isa_rustaupp
Blogg alias:
My family consist of my husband Martin and two children: Ella & Edwin plus two little mischievous chiuauor living in a small terracehouse south of Stockholm/ sweden. We moved here six months after our first child Ella was born and she is now 6 years old in January. The house is far from big with its 84kvm on two floors but it works perfect for us. We often say that we live in a small dollhouse but with well planned spaces. Our family and friends rather describes our home similar to "a carnival". They have a small point there becouse our entire home is packed with graphic designs, objects and colors that you will be glad of. 

Most importantly, in our home is that the material things we own and have fulfill a function while contributing to a new smile for all four of us who live here. Thanks to our small areas smart convenient storage is a must and has also become the key to get our familylife to roll on smoothly. Our home is extremely playful in her and here at home you should be able to play freely. 

I often hear questions like how can you have it so neat and tidy always ?? How do you have time with all ?? The answer is we do not !! But we have found a perfect solution to camouflaging the problem instead of going around to pickning up toys and stuff all the time. Toys that would otherwise seen as disruptive around it on the floors in most families' eyes melts at home namely more into their surroundings. In our home you met toys in all its forms. In everything from bookcases, the kitchen to the bathroom without reflecting on them. And our children's bedrooms are located on the upper level of our house and it is Edwin's room you will participate now. 

In here you met a little more muted colorscale than the remaining rooms and we have painted his wall in a graphic pattern. On the shelf above the bed, there is plenty of room for storybooks and in the rooms right corner there is a playful castle to build huts and take it easy. But im most satisfied with Edwin's shelf that holds all the toys and give a good overview of everything . A storagesolution that he can grow with. The room has so far only decorateds with furniture that bigsister already had. But when Edwin grows up his place will be transformed by his personality and dreams.

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