Room Tour @Fleursdamelie

Hey  there! My name is Maaike Goldbach and I'm a mom to Amelie (1,5). You can find me on IG at @fleursdamelie.  My husband and I live in the Netherlands. When I was starting to plan my daughter's room, I knew I wanted it to be fun and colorful. I wanted it to be girly, but not to girly. That explains the flowery wallpaper in combination with the batgirl poster, rock it poster and locker cabinet. Amelie is a very sweet girl, she is always very busy, not scared of anything. She is girly, but also tough. The room fits her perfectly. 

Amelie was born with  out of bed look hair, just like her dad, very cute. That explains the sentence on the door. As her father, she does not care if her hair is messy. Maybe that will change when she gets older. 

One of the first things you will notice in the room is the wallpaper. I saw the wallpaper on Swedish blogs and Instagram, and immediately fell in love. I thought it was very special wallpaper and was probably very hard to find. But luckily this wallpaper was available in the Netherlands. So I ordered it for Amelie her kidsroom. I love to wallpaper, in my home you can find several wallpapers because I think a beautiful wallpaper can give the room instant character. The wallpaper was real sweet and with lots of pastel, so I thought let’s  spice it up a little. So I added some bright colors, like neon pink and turquoise together with some black frames and a locker cabinet. 

I can’t wait to read bedtime stories when Amelie goes to bed. She already has a lot of books, and I wanted a place where she can choose which book to read. Nowadays you see the books presented on shelves and you see the covers, very beautiful, but I wanted something else. So I chose to use those shelves for nice posters and cards and a different kind of cabinet.  

I am already collecting all kinds of costumes and masks for Amelie, also a tutu and a circus hat. I know I always liked to dress up, and Amelie does to. We already have lots of fun, the tutu is her favorite. 

I also did some DIY projects for his room. I made the tipi myself and the dollhouse is made by my dad. I love it when things are unique and that probably explains the vintage items in the room. I also think that when you make things yourself, the room gets more personal. The lamp is vintage, the top was a bit old, so I decorated it with a new flowery fabric. The room divider wasn’t very pretty when I first found it, but when I painted it this bright Turquoise color, it became an eye catcher.  

The lamp is from Snowpuppe, a dutch design lamp, made from paper. It was on my wishlist for Amelie her room. I love how it fits in. I bought the star lamp when it was Christmas, but I think it looks nice in her room all year round. 

I've had a lot of fun putting her room together, I hope you enjoy it to. Thanks for letting me share the most important room in my house, Amelie her room. I’m always busy with decorating my home, you can follow my projects on my instagram account: @fleursdamelie.