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Hi there dear ministyle blog readers! 


This room tour is from my daughter Emmies room, or Em as I call her, but before I start I would like to introduce myself a little ;) 


My name is Elise, I live in Sweden with my husband and our kids Ceasar, 3 years, and Em, 12 months. We live in a house from the 70s, which we renovated when we moved in, in 2009. The kids have one room each, on about 12 m2. Before Em was born, her room was mine, only mine ;) it was my beloved dressing room where I spent many hours of doing my make up, try on clothes and heels and other vital stuff that you could not live without back in the days ;) Anyway, since the kids came there was not quite so much time for those interests (hmm, does anyone recognize themselves?) Well, so I dedicated my room to my daughter instead ;) Who knows, maybe she will do the same things there in the future? ;) 


So, when planning the room, where Em should enjoy both playing and sleeping, I wanted it to be a colorful, creative, girly but absolutely not too princess-ish room, and with a calm, yet playful interior. I really love kids interior and have had the opportunity to decorate both a boys room for Ceasar and then the girly room for Em. But I like the rooms to be not to boyish/girly, which doesnt mean that they need to be total neutral monochrome or that there cant be any pink/blue colors in them. I just love colors and to play with them to create a cozy, warm, delightful feeling for them!  


I love DIY and the first thing I decided to make was the tipi in colorful fabrics in yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. It more or less makes the whole room, and both Em and her big brother love playing and reading in it! The drawer is an old one from IKEA that my husband and I bought for our first flat :) it was dark oak at first, then for a couple of years ago when I was very into shabby chic I painted it and wrote beautiful french words on it ;) (I am very variable  in my interior style and now I am mostly into the 50s and pastels) Now as a kids room furnish detail the drawer just had to be mint (my absolutely fav color right now). 


The bed is my own from the 80s, and so are some of the books on the shelf, such as Pippi Longstockings and other classics, the Monchichi and the Norsu moneybox elephants in yellow and pink. The mirror on the drawer is from a flea market, and together with other details from different decades such as the old watch from my grandpa, the big flower art picture on the wall, the little embroidery board on the shelf and knitted sweaters from my grandmother, they make the lovliest match for me and for Em to tell stories about and to relate to. On the same wall as the bed I have my wedding dress and the kids christening dress as decoration. I designed both of them and sewed the christening dress myself and I really love them too much to hide them in any closet! They make the perfect conversation pieces! :)


I run my own little business Edit and Vivo where I design interior details and posters for the kids room as well as the rest of the home, which means that the posters and art in our home mostly is my own. Some of the posters are hanging from a beaded string behind the tipi, and I change them constantly, a very simple way to renew the color scale and feeling of the room. Some of the other Items that are Edit and Vivo are the papergarland above the bed, the paper tassel garland below the bookshelf, the cloud wall art and the pink dotted wall stickers. 


Clothing allowed to hang in the room as interior pieces are also something that I often use to get a cozy feeling and to change to room by mood. I design and make children clothing as well as fabric so it is an opportunity for me to be able to dress my kids in pieces that not everyone is wearing. Most of those clothes that the kids have as favorites and wear on a daily basis are also those clothes that appear in the interior. 


I love writing and could go on for hours describing how I have thought and planned when I furnished the room but I will stop right now :) I hope you guys got some inspiration and good vibes by reading and looking at those pics! You find me and the kids on instagram @editandvivo so feel free to follow us there for more inspo and fun! 


Lots of love, and thanks for watching! // Elise



Instagram: @editandvivo


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Full source list:


Tipi, DIY

Pillows, H&M Home and Edit & Vivo


Pom poms, Edit & Vivo 


Beaded string for posters, Edit & Vivo

Posters on the beaded string, Edit & Vivo

Epic, Make your own banner kit, Papermash


Tassel garland, Edit & Vivo

Circle paper garland, Edit & Vivo


Knitted sweaters, treasures & gifts

Dresses, Edit & Vivo

Headbands on the sweaters, Edit & Vivo


Drawer, Ikea + DIY

Origami diamond in pink, Edit & Vivo

Stacking blocks, sebra interior

Framed mirror, flea market treasure

Hello Kitty toilet bag, H&M kids

Porcelain flower jar, gift

White Bunny on the drawer (and beige Bunny in the bed), Jellycat Official

Norsu moneybox elephants, gifts

Good luck troll, gift


All books and small stuff on the shelf, treasures & gifts


Sleepy cloud wallart, Edit & Vivo


Pink dots wallstickers, Edit & Vivo

Pineapple dress, Lindex kids


Big anemone nemorosa art picture, original Swedish Norstedts Skol AB

Floor basket storage, Ikea

Floor light, Ikea

Rugs, Ikea & Indiska Official 

Photography by Cecelia Moller