Noble Carriage: The Organic Waffle Sleeper


Noble Carriage, best known as the one-stop shop for organic and sustainably made baby clothing, is launching its own private-label brand, Noble. Over the last 4 years, Noble Carriage has grown in popularity by introducing moms to brands and designers that make gorgeous baby clothing as sustainably as possible. That means that every product at Noble Carriage has to meet at least 3 of 5 sustainability standards: certified organic, fair trade, handmade, locally made, and made in the USA.

The introduction of Noble means that Noble Carriage will no longer be just a multi-brand shop. Unlike most brands, Noble will not launch big seasonal collections. Instead, they will introduce limited-edition products throughout the year to continually excite customers with thoughtfully designed products they will actually get a lot of use out of for their baby. 

The debut of the Noble brand comes with the introduction of their first product: Baby sleepers. Jennifer Long, Founder of Noble Carriage, says “We’re starting with PJ’s because babies sleep from 10-14 hours a day, during their most fragile developmental years. With each sleep, they’re breathing in and absorbing the chemical off-gassing produced by the majority of baby clothing. An organic sleeper is the easiest way to reduce babies chemical exposure,”. This sleeper isn’t your run of the mill organic sleeper either.  They spent a year sourcing and creating materials to make the highest quality, softest, most comfortable pajamas. 

First, they’re using GOTS certified organic Pima cotton woven exclusively for Noble in Peru. They chose this type of cotton because it’s the strongest cotton in the world, super soft, hypoallergenic, and free from any chemicals that would be harmful to your baby or the planet. Second, they chose a custom waffle weave to make the sleeper more breathable, stretchy and comfortable. Third, they’re dying the pajamas with actual plants, like Indigo, Henna, and Sandalwood. Jen says, “I believe that knowing the ingredients that go into our clothing will strengthen the connection we have with the clothing we wear.” Last but not least, all of their clothes will be made in San Diego, California. “Having our clothes produced locally and in the USA was essential in our quest to be as sustainable as possible,” says Jen.

The Noble Pajamas will launch for preorder on Monday, October 15th. To see more and to buy these new baby sleepers, visit Noble Carriage. You can also follow along in the launch of the Noble brand by following Noble Carriage on Instagram and Facebook at @NobleCarriage.