"Princeton the Adventurer" by @princeandthebaker

"Princeton the Adventurer"

I was having a chat with a friend the other day about being ready for the transition into the fall routines with her children. As parents we often go through a great deal to help out our young ones with that very idea. This concept carries on to clothing as well.  Getting the kiddies fall wardrobe together can be an arduous task indeed, but there are many labels that make getting your little ready for school a bit more fun!
 MR P and I are still in vacation mode however squeezing out the last bits of summer ease and relaxation. No time to sulk over a summer gone to swiftly I say! With that spirit in mind we are heading out on an Adventure, in style of course!

I have been loving Agatha cub since finding her on Instagram this summer, and fell head over heals with her bodega print caps. I ordered one right off, and couldn't wait for more! I decided to give her plaid trousers a go and they certainly did not disappoint!
Her prints are bold and fun, and easy to match up with anything currently in Princeton's closet. Quality is absolutely the best and versatile enough to go from the classroom to wild adventures on the playground and beyond (all the way to the moon as P would say!) Really what more could you want from your garments? Oh what's that I hear? Yes I too would like my sons trousers to help tidy up his Legos and Angry birds! But no such luck.
Join us on our little style adventure... BYOAB ( bring your own angry birds) ha!

Princeton the Adventurer wears:
Plaid pants by : Agathacub
Peanut button up shirt : Bobo Choses
Lee Military Jacket : Stella Mccartney from Mini Model Gallery
Pom Cap: Caroline Bosmans
Checked scarf : Bobo Choses
Neon Yellow toe capped mini: Brother Vellies

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