Petite + Pois

Todays sweet little room tour is courtesy of the talented Karla Quiz and her super cute daughters, France and Fair. Karla did a wonderful decorating job using modern, original, works of art from Petite + Pois.

Petite + Pois, or in other words  "Small Peas," is the merriment and creation of crafted art for small peas (little ones).  Curated by Holli Addi, Artist and Lifestyle Creative Director with a modern sense,  Petite + Pois has the philosophy that the magic of art should surround a child to begin their love for great design and exude playful sophistication. With a simplistic design sense, each study has been mindfully created with harmonic hues.

Holli's beautiful paintings are a darling way to add a magical, whimsical vibe to any child's room or play space! ย 

Visit our Instagram account to find out how you can win one of these amazing paintings from Petite + Pois.ย 

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