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Our girl loves her dolls. It is almost unbelievable how well she takes care of them. A real mini-mama. She copies everything I do and she talks to her dolls just like I talk to her. When I saw this Uh-mazing doll pram at Ooh-Noo  I knew Jeanne would love it. Not only does she really love it, it looks so good too and is a match made in heaven with her new Lucky Boy Sunday doll. Her cheap pink stroller has not been touched or been played with since this wooden beauty arrived, I kid you not. 

Ooh Noo's collection is constantly updated with new and exciting designs and items. Most of them are very exclusive. They only produce a small number of items in each design and color. Some of the items are even produced on demand. The cute little bunny, for example, takes eight hours to make by hand. As the fuzzy creatures need to be loved, they only make them after receiving an order, and then send them to their new homes!

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Doll pram and wooden blocks from Ooh-Noo | Soft dolls from Monkey Mc Coy | You are my happy sweater from Kazpar| Skirt from Le Caroussel

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