Wildling Shoes | @Lisaloulee


Wildling Shoes wants to play a part in bringing people back into more direct contact with the environment, thereby promoting a more active lifestyle. Thanks to the thin, flexible sole on ethically produced minimal shoes, every step becomes a sensory experience. Unlike conventional shoes, the minimal shoe concept enables a natural gait, helping people to regain their enjoyment of being active.

Wildling Shoes uses robust and long-lasting fabrics made of natural materials, and is committed to fair working conditions and environmental standards during the hand-crafted production in Europe (Portugal).

Wildling launches two collections per year and offers shoes in a cool, unisex style for both kids and adults (size range: EU18-46 / US Kids/Babies sizes starting from 2.5; Men sizes up to US 12 1/4 / Women sizes up to US 13 1/4 )

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All Photos Courtesy of @Lisaloulee