A family guide to essential oils featuring @LivingLifesMoments

Essential Oils seem to be everywhere these days, from cold remedies to cleaning products, there is an essential oil for just about every need. For the longest time, we have been curious about oils so we invited the amazingly talented Kari from Living Life's Moments to give us some pointers on how and where to get started. Read on for more....


"living a life less out of habit and more with intention and care creates a reality is empowering, invigorating and so incredibly beautiful." 

our family has adopted a new way of life since we opened our home to essential oils. it was about the time our second daughter was scooting about on the hardwood floors of our home that we realized we needed to be more safe with the cleaning products were were using. with a little bit of research and a whole lot of throwing out what we thought were "safe and organic" products, we turned to young living essential oils. and goodness are we forever grateful. 

what i love most about using essential oils is how easy they really are. we decide which ones to invite into our everyday as it relates to our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. whether it be to nurture our bodies after a hard workout or purifying the air of our home or wiping down our farmhouse table after dinner, or brightening up those whites in the laundry or our bedtime rituals with the littles, we have blends and bottles ready for use at any given time we need them. i remember when our starter kit first arrived on our door step how overwhelmed i felt. how do we use them? what oils are safe to use around our children? what is a carrier oil? golly the questions were all too much. but honestly with the help and guidance of our essential family members, we found ourselves on this fast track to the type of health and wellness we were craving. by deciding a natural lifestyle and being intentional about how we go about our everyday life, we reclaimed our wellness and overall are living a better life because of it. 

if you would like join our essential oil family, click here to sign up for a wholesale membership and purchase your very own premium starter kit { 11 essential oils + a diffuser for $160 }. if you sign up this week by purchasing a kit here, i will gift a free bottle of orange essential oil!


and if you are wanting to join but have a few questions, please email kari at livinglifesmoments (@) gmail (dot) com. she would love to help!

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