noni bee

 When artist, turned midwife, turned mom, turned noni bee founder, Peri's, daughter was born, she wanted her to have original, comfortable clothing that had personality while not being too girly or fussy.  Becoming  frustrated by the available options, she learned to sew and made most of her clothing herself. Peri fell in love with the process and drew upon her fine arts background to create pieces for her that they both loved and felt good about.  She always wants the clothing she gives to her daughter – whether it be sewn or purchased – to be high quality and ethically made, and she wants it to fit for more than one season.  Peri created noni bee with these same ideals in mind– long-lasting, natural, sustainable clothing with personality.

We can't get enough of these sweet pieces! Everything is so fun and bright. Perfect for little girls. Shop the collection here.

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