New Adventures @AnCiolina

Please welcome our newest guest blogger, Anna, as she prepares her daughter for her first days of school!


New Adventures. 


Looking at these pictures, I can't believe I almost have a two year old.... Who is going to have a teacher and classmates soon! It's only for three days a week, but still... 

Even though time is going by so fast, we are ready for this new adventure! Stella definitely is, she is very social and not shy at all. She loves to be with other kids and I think after two years of being home with me, she needs this. And to be honest: so do I. I work from home and although I'm very, very thankful for the time we spend together, I'm also ready for some changes. 


We went to Pomme de Jus, a store who just opened in Rotterdam to see if we could find something to wear on her fist day of (pre-)school. I know, totally unnecessary, but I just needed an excuse to buy something from there amazing store (they also have a webshop).

I went for the Stella McCartney bunny hoody.... And I'm in love! 



Stella is wearing: 

Stella McCartney bunny hoody 

Bobo Choses backpack

H&M black leggings 

New Balance sneakers


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