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We think it's pretty safe to say that all moccasins are by far our favorite shoes for our babies feet. So when we discovered Neon Rae, we fell in love with their adorable and original designs. Neon Rae designer, Jillian Dillon, wanted to develop a kids clothing line but after lots of trials, errors and tribulations she decided to start by focusing on one product.  Inspired by her daughter and her ability to trash anything she put on her feet in a week, the NEON RAE Woccasin Moccasin was born. Jillian strives to use Eco friendly manufacturing practices. The leather moccasins will of course wear with use but will at least hold up a lot longer. These moccasins also double as great house shoes for the less novice walkers.

This past Spring,Neon Rae began offering great toys and accessories that are eco friendly, educational and different! Some are even designed by kids (Oli and Carol)!  Along with the new toys are build your own gift boxes which are wonderful gifts for new moms, new babies and even toddler birthdays, holidays or any special occasion.

We especially LOVE the high desert Moccasin, newborn turban, and the desert waterleaf Moccasin.

Shop Neon Rae here and use code 'NEONMINISTYLE' for 15% off all orders over $30. 

All photos by the talented Sylvia Tribel

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