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Mountain Honey is all about bringing your family fashion choices that allow your little one to express their uniqueness and creativity, while making a positive impact on their world. Their clothing is more than just whimsical, well made, and unique, it is made by a small company, with a huge heart; a company with a conscience.

Mountain Honey was founded by Deidre Lozier, a mother of 3, biologist, environmentalist, and lifelong sewist. Deidre has always loved children's fashion, her love for making heirloom quality, standout clothing for her kids, family, and friends, slowly evolved into a business. Now she creates unique and fun pieces for families across the globe.

The line is handmade in the mountains of Vermont, in a small studio.

Mountain Honey is committed to creating heirloom quality children's clothing, toys, and accessories, that support imagination and your child's own unique style. They don't skip corners, follow the hottest trends, or print big flashy logos on our products. They create pieces that are timeless and fun, yet incredibly functional.

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