Misha Lulu AW14

We have always been huge fans of Misha Lulu. We are ecstatic to share with you some images from their AW 14 Lookbook!  Enjoy!

"After our daughter, Bela's, three year obsession with spies and investigators we decided to create a collection based on that theme."

"Hardly working 9 to 5,

Solving mysteries all day long

and having fun every step of the way!

The rumors are true!

Misha Lulu is back in action to investigate all

your unsolved mysteries!"

    ACCESSORIES USED IN THE PHOTOS   -Toy Headbands :  Graciemiller.com  email:   gracieloyamiller@mac.com   -Bow ties, bows and hankies :  http://www.foragehaberdashery.com/   -Legwear:   http://www.funky-legs.com/   -Camara pin:  http://www.mikodesign.nl/



-Toy Headbands : Graciemiller.com email:  gracieloyamiller@mac.com

-Bow ties, bows and hankies : http://www.foragehaberdashery.com/

-Legwear:  http://www.funky-legs.com/

-Camara pin: http://www.mikodesign.nl/

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