MINIMUHUU | @SylviaTribel

Kids spend about one-third of their lives in bed, so it's important to invest in clean, healthy, and beautiful products. When we discovered this BEAUTIFUL bedding collection from Minimuhuu we were floored!

MINIMUHUU is a French atelier producing the highest quality organic linens for babies and children. Carrying items like baby & child duvet covers, cushions and bags in soft and luxury washed linen -this is one of the most gorgeous collections we have ever laid our eyes on.

Minimuhuu was born in 2016 with the idea of creating a designer and long-lasting bedding collection, made out of high-quality organic textiles. 

Their spring-summer 2017 collection was inspired by Native American Indian symbols and their love to express ideas through images. The pieces feature two symbols, the Stars, inspired by nature, refers to Leonidas … and Arrows, inspired by culture, indicated protection, movement, and direction of travel. The color palette is soft and fresh with timeless, elegant tones, that fit in any kid's room or nursery, running from grey to brush pink. 

Minimuhuu offers plain and printed pieces with subtle copper stars or arrows. Combine them and create your own style! Shop the collection here.

All photos courtesy of Sylvia Tribel