We recently came across this unique swimwear line for the little ones. It's everything a children's swimwear line should be!

A little about MiniDunadu from designers, Anita & Carla:

Most children's brands are born when one becomes a mum or a dad and can't find what one wants one's kids to wear. Many of these brands are even named after  the owner's first child.

Not us! Let me get this clear. First Antía was born, two years later Carla did. I used to buy them bikinis from other brands (no regrets at all) til “the psychological war” began. They started to demand how they wanted their bikinis to be, and none of the ones we found were good enough for them! So this summer came when after a I-will-not-wear-that-stuff argument I designed a couple of kids' swimwear just for fun. Then it hit me! It was so coool! It felt great! A fresh start again! Rhythm! More Freedom! And that is how Minidunadu was born, just for me to enjoy myself!

Working at Dunadu was already a big deal but with Minidunadu fun was guaranteed!

That is how I saw myself involved in a project which although it was quite a challenge at the beginning is my new obsession now which lets me play around!

Here it is where Antia and Carla have a lot to say. All our collections are inspired in magic moments around a soundtrack. There is always a singer, an album, a band or a song behind every single collection. This means that the girls' musical discovery will lead us to the next collection. Quite simple, we only need to let ourselves go...

Minidunadu is a collection for your free time: holidays, adventures...this is the reason why they are such fun garments! Comfy, fresh, with their own personality and a “recording soul”. All of them made in Spain, of course!! And now with rhythm too, looooots of rhythm.