Milk & Biscuits

Milk & Biscuits is an Anglo-Chinese children’s fashion brand with a basic ethos: to be simple, honest and good.

Their designs are all based on the classics, with a contemporary twist. Each piece is cut for comfort whilst creating a modern and distinctive style.

Each season they have the pleasure of collaborating with an artist or illustrator to create unique prints. For this season, Milk & Biscuits worked with Rick Wang, a Shanghai based illustrator and his contemporary take on the classic Camo and Tropical leaf prints.

All of their production is done with pride and care a small order factory in China run by a local family.  Milk & Biscuits aims for a low carbon footprint and where-ever possible in the production process use organic materials.

Shop the collection here  and be sure to get a sneak peek at their adorable new Fall collection here!

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Photography:  Sara Pine

Hair & Makeup: Haley Olsen

Set Design: Joel Geist

Special Thanks To: Jeff Cobb

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