Milas Zoo featuring Piupia | @Amelia_Hambrook

 Mila's Zoo is a place where Jackalopes, Dodo birds, Pandas and a whole host of other quirky animals all live together in one big happy place. These are not just toys, they are friends who will last a lifetime. Milas Zoo collections are constantly revolving and certain animals may come and go with each new season. So if you see a friend you love you may want to scoop him or her up because they may not be back for awhile.

We LOVE Jack the Panda-with his super squishy belly and soft minky coat. His little face is just waiting for kisses. How irresistible is Ophelia Cottonbottom ?! She is the sweetest droopy eared, fluffy bottom ever.

Mila's Zoo designer, Nia, started making animals in 2013 as a side hobby but when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter Mila, she knew she needed to kick things up a notch. Nia did a total rebrand of her designs and now her little Mila is her motivation and the inspiration behind every new animal friend.  We'll take one of each please!

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Adorable clothing provided by Piupia

All photos courtesy of Amelia Hambrook