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 Ahh! We obviously LOVE discovering new brands but when a brand comes through with not only the sweetest designs for the little ones but for us Mama's as well, we can't help but be immediately obsessed! Based in Long Beach, CA, Mien Studios makes clothing for  for modern women, Mothers, & their little ones. Mien Studios uses only natural and sustainable fabrics to make their gorgeous clothes. For this AW collection, their fabric is custom woven by a family-owned textile mill in Los Angeles from biodegradable fibers such as GOTS certified organic cotton. The fabric is dyed in custom colors by a favorite local dye house using a more eco-friendly dying process that doesn't require toxic color binding agents. The special dying process also makes their clothes super soft while giving it a vintage look and feel. The entire collection is also cut and sewn by the best artisans in Los Angeles. Mien Studios wants to do their part in taking care of our environment and this means manufacturing responsibly. Their heirloom-quality clothing is made from high quality fabric and crafted to last by people who care about their craft. By buying fewer but well-made things, we are teaching our children to be more thoughtful and considerate consumers in the future!

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