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I have a busy life, working full time, caring for my 3 littles, blogging, trying to squeeze in some household… So it can get quite chaotic and hectic sometimes! I try to seek order and peace in the little things, just to rule out stress.  For instance, every night, we try to clean up everything, including all the toys. Clean house=free mind.  We also prepare the little backpacks and we try to lay out the clothes for the next day.  About these clothes…  what makes it a bit more easy is dressing my kids in the same brand, or the same colour scheme, ha!  I never thought I would be THAT kind of mom, but yeah well, here I am! I love that it shows that we belong together and it looks super cute too! And choices are made so much quicker!


Below you can see a couple of my faves for this matching thing for upcoming spring: Filemon Kid, Bobo Choses from Pepatino and Soft Gallery from Four Monkeys.

For more inspiration, follow along with @Kowaleen and her gorgeous instagram feed here.





First series of photos:

-clothes: Filemon Kid (

-little clothing hanger mirror bunny 


Second series:

-clothes and: Bobo Choses from Pepatino 


Third series:

-clothes: Soft Gallery from Fourmonkeys

-beanie: Mini Rodini from Pepatino

-sunglasses Very French Gangsters

-sandals Lilou

-moccs Remi


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