Mama Style with Guest @MamaJulesJeanne

Spending one on one time with my kids is important. For me and for them. Last week I took the little miss out to the Botanique Gardens in atown nearby. 

We walked, we danced, we hugged, we laughed a lot, we talked (yes, Jeanne is starting to talk rather well these days) and we explored.  

No better way to do all of the above while wearing a tutu, right? Ok, I admit the exploring part was a bit more challenging,, but hey, anything for fashion, right? 

I found these little numbers at Raine and both Jeanne and I are crazy in love with them. Not to mention that tutu stuffed swan and flamingo by Vanessa Byrne. Jeanne takes them everywhere.

Now I have to find a new job where it is ok to wear that skirt everyday! Wish me luck!

Credits: Tutu skirts by RAINE

Tutu Swan and flamingo by Vanessa Byrne

Styling: Isabel

Photography: Kaat Vandenbroeck

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