Maia Moda | @MaiaShcherbak


 Our readers are always asking where they can find chic nursing tops and we are always stumped for answers. We recently discovered MAIA MODA and now we know where we can direct our nursing Mama readers! 

MAIA MODA is effortless style for the modern nursing mother.  They want moms to feel empowered to breastfeed wherever and whenever they want. Breastfeeding is a wonderful, but sometimes challenging journey. Let’s embrace that journey and look and feel great doing it.

Their name has a long motherly history.  In Greek culture, MAIA represents the "nursing mother". MODA translates to style in Italian.  MAIA MODA is on a mission to celebrate breastfeeding and use their clothes to highlight its beauty. 

MAIA MODA has spent hundreds of hours perfecting our pieces to ensure they're beautiful and functional for pregnant and nursing moms.  Their tops and dresses are grounded in exceptional quality and are made from refined fabrics that are stain resistant and can be thrown in the wash for easy maintenance.  All of their pieces are lifestyle designed for the modern mom who shouldn't have to choose function over style.

Shop MAIA MODA here and use code 'MINISTYLE20' for 20% off of your purchase. 


All photos courtesy of @MAIASHCHERBAK