Lucy & Leo

We recently stumbled across this darling collection of sweet little designs and just had to share with our readers. 

Lucy & Leo is known for its soft color palate and classic design with a modern twist. As their brand grows, they stay true to their vision of creating unique,adorable and comfortable outfits for your child in an eco-friendly fashion. They are proud to be one of the first organic and USA-made clothing brands in the children's industry. 

Their mission is simple: to provide your child with the finest, highest quality clothing on the market. Their garments move and breathe, are durable and very comfortable.

Lucy & Leo garments are designed and manufactured in New York. They are committed,  to bettering the world. They do that in three basic ways. They manufacture in the USA to support their local economy. They only use environmentally sensitive and organic materials, and for every garment purchased, they plant a tree with Trees For the Future. How darling?!


All photos by Sylvia Tribel