Lil'ollo: Wordly Wise for Little Eyes | @MegHayes_

Lil’ollo was born after the creator's struggled to find products that would help their young family’s language-learning journey. They were looking for beautiful, unique and well-designed products they could enjoy together at home. They couldn’t find much so decided to design a range of flash cards, posters, games and wall art. 

Although their family is a multilingual one, Lil’ollo is for everyone! Whether you are speaking several languages at home or just getting started with the idea of a second, they believe all levels of language learning should be encouraged and supported. After all, learning languages brings a host of cognitive, social and health benefits that no one should miss out on. 

Our kids thoroughly enjoyed coloring the Animal Numbers coloring poster- so many different animals hiding in this honeycomb coloring poster and they REALLY loved these ADORABLE flashcards. We cannot wait to get our hands on the rest of the goodies from Lil'ollo. We love the idea of opening up a world of new languages to our little ones while keeping them entertained for hours. Lil'ollo ships WORLDWIDE. Shop their wonderful site here.

All photos courtesy of @MegHayes_