Whisbear: The Humming Bear | @Juleyak


Multi-award winning Whisbear® The Humming Bear is an innovative sleep aid created by two Mothers. Based on their own experience, they have designed a product aimed to help newborns with a smooth transition from a prenatal to postnatal life by recreating soothing sounds of the womb. Whisbear® is the first sleep aid featuring the CRYsensor, an intelligent device that automatically activates calming pink noise when your baby starts crying. But Whisbear® is so much more than just a sleep product. It is also a sensory toy, a unique playtime companion that promotes both - fine motor and sensory development skills. 

Sleep is such a significant part of every new Family life! No wonder that Whisbear®, bringing a calm and restful sleep to babies, has won hearts of thousands of Mothers, Fathers and caretakers from all over the world.

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