La Petite Peach | Guest Contributor

Wesleigh and I headed into the city last week (Boston) for some cafe hopping, and people watching. While we were there, I thought it would be fun to pop into my friend Alix’s bridal shop in Beacon Hill. The shop has this gorgeous window that let’s in a ton of light, and pretty white brick walls. It was the perfect setting to show off W’s new Pink Chicken dress. I has my eye on this dress for a few months, it’s truly stunning in person. There are tiny gold strands running thought the vibrant purple toned fabric.  It’s going to be great in the summer, but for now, with some layers it’s long enough to keep her warm in the winter. Because she looked like a little gypsy babe in it, I paired it with fringe boots from Gracious May, and a baby head-chain made by my friend’s jewelry company, Trust.  Investing in fashion for Wesleigh that she can wear it year round, makes me think I should do it more often! Just don’t tell my husband! 

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