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Our family loves to spend time outdoors.  Here in Belgium, we were quite lucky with the weather this fall, but I think for now we've seen the last of the Indian summer.  Which means that from now on, we have to cover up, especially our kiddos!  This mama is quite obsessed with coats, I have them in all types, colours, sizes and fabrics.  You name it, I got it!

I believe that a coat is the most important item in your wardrobe.  Cause let's face it, it is the first thing the world gets to see about you!  It partly defines that first impression of which all those statistics say it is so important. In short, this coat thing, it is a big deal for me.  Same goes for the kids:  I don't take choosing coats for my babies very lightly.

Below you can find my choices for this fall and winter.  The Little Goodall coats are just divine and perfect for the slightly warmer - and dry, winter days: they have cute, cozy, unique and ah-mazing written all over them!  They are made to order and such high quality, I'm just smitten. We were out and about with our little crew, and it truly felt like we were in a little fairytale.

When days are wet and freezing, on the other hand, I tend to choose down coats for my littles.  But not just the basic blue or grey, my kids like prints and colours and fun! Mini Rodini has the best collection for their -and my - taste: bright hues, playful patterns and so nicely warm. I think these droolworthy choices will get us trough winter in perfect style!

Animal Coats:  Little Goodall

Animal Coats: Little Goodall

Lilou:  Leggings  |  Boots       Remi (baby):  Unicorn Leggings  |    Moccs     Jerome:  Leggings  |   Shoes

Lilou: Leggings | Boots  
Remi (baby): Unicorn Leggings |  Moccs  
Jerome: Leggings |  Shoes

Photography and Styling by Katleen 

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