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The boys and I were lucky to join the Bandit Kids team for their photo shoot as we supplied our Pray4Trax Necklaces for the styling of their threads and Tysi was lucky enough to be one of the tiny models in the shoot. – it was such a pleasure meeting the duo behind this awesome brandand finally see the face of Suzanne of Bandit Kids.

We all had such a lovely day. – kids running around playing, grown ups sweatingin the steaming sun and loads of chatting and laughing in every corner of the set.

Their SS15 collection was as always super fresh with awesome colors and beautiful prints. I love the inspo for their collection have a read and enjoy the‘behind the scene’ photos.


“The illustrations for our new range ‘Kingdom of Cool’ were inspired by weekendsaway to quiet towns along the coast. Summertime boredom under the crackling sun.

A weathered motel.

An empty pool.

Faded plastic flamingos on the dry lawn.

A blow-up croc that smells of chlorine.

Palm trees that’s reach for the cloudless sky.

Sticky ice-cream melting onto our hands.

An old parrot squawking hello from behind the front desk.

A feeling of stillness.


And foreverness.

Welcome to the Kingdom Of Cool.”

Bandit Kids SS15 Photo Shoot

Photographer: Lizz Pennings

Creative Team: They Called It Paradise

Instagram @mrs_paulie_

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