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Although I’m a total city girl and really miss the loud noises, the subway and even the random shish kebab vendors on the sidewalk, I could not be happier to be raising Eli in a wonderful little town in Germany. We are surrounded by sunflower fields, pumpkin patches and forests. You can walk miles and miles and explore nature all day. Of course you won’t get far and it’ll still take all day when your 2yr old wants to walk, inspect every blade of grass and says ‘Hello' to every bumblebee that crosses his way. To take these pictures we took Eli to the outskirts of the black forest and were lucky enough to have the dreamiest weather you can ask for. We jumped big, muddy puddles, played hide and seek in corn fields, fought with sticks and threw pebbles into streams. Every day is a new adventure even when it seems repetitive, but this kid is definitely being raised as a wild child.

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