Izzy and Ferd Spring/Summer 2016

we are so stoked on Izzy and Ferds newest pieces for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. From tiny tank tops with radishes to comfy little carrot rompers, these prints are some of the cutest we've ever seen!

 Each Izzy & Ferd collection is portal to a story of discovery and adventure. In fact, a famous voyage inspired the company name. The Pulidos named Izzy & Ferd (I.F.) after the great patrons of exploration, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, who sponsored the first voyages to the New World. With the backing of the Crown, their intrepid explorers asked "What I.F.?" and found the Americas.  

The last few collections have been based on real life explorers. The brand wanted something different for S/S 2016. They thought it would be fun to step into an imaginary world of a young boy who embarks on a fantastical adventure. Based on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, S/S 2016 takes kids on a magical journey to a castle in the sky. The designs spur little explorers to ask "What I.F.?" What if I planted magic beans and the plant grew and grew, until it scraped the sky? What if I climbed up to the airy place, and defeated the ogre ruling over it?

We love this concept!

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