Halloween Costumes Part lll: The Marionettes, Chester Cheetah, Morton Salt Girl

Wooden doll


Shorts with suspenders :: NORO 

Plaid shirt :: PAADE

Straw hat :: Nathalie Verlinden  

Bow tie ::  PAADE 

Shoes ::  Atlanta Moccasins 




Dress :: DOLLY by le petit tome

Shoes :: Nathalie Verlinden

Hair bow :: hucklebones  

Morton Salt Girl:

Yellow dress :: natty new york  

Yellow mary janes :: Livie & Luca


Chester Cheetah:

Pants :: bobo choses 

Sweater :: bobo choses 

Cheetah mask and tale :: opposite of far

Shoes :: models own Zara

Sunglasses :: warby parker


Styling by Heather Rome 

Photos by Stephanie Matthew

Hair/Make-up by Stephanie Witter

Bensimon Models

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