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Stella, it's time for bed!' I tell her after she finished lunch. 'Yes, bed!' she says.

 It's never been hard to put Stella down for her nap, because she knows what this means: play time with me before going to bed. And yes, I'm the perfect play partner in crime for Stella... She just wants me to sit beside her and watch her play. If I ask her where the imaginary tea is going, she says "Let me do it!". So yes, fun times! We (Stella) read stories, we (Stella) play with cars or we (Stella) dress up: as long as we stay in her room, I'm fine with it. 

We started this nap time routine a couple of months ago, when I noticed Stella is really bad at playing alone. She always needs to have somebody around... And besides that: she has a great room to play in! It's one of my many interior projects that probably will never end, but I don't mind! I deliberately chose the Ikea picture ledges to hang above her bed, so I can keep changing things around: my favorite thing to do (and my husbands least favorite thing)! I just added the plate S from Designletters, and I'm so happy with it! They have such an amazing new collection this season!

Anyway, back to our daily routine and away from all the new beautiful collections (I tell myself this too many times a day). Today Stella wanted to play dress up and chose the regular: a hat, glasses and a skirt. I needed to sit down on her chair, put on 'Happy' from Pharrell and clap - did I mentioned before she is bossy?

After the song she disrobed, said: 'Ready!' and walked to her closet to pick out some soft pants to sleep in. Always one with a print. 

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Oh Stella, my funny little girl, I love you so!

Sleep tight

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