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I can say for sure that my  love for monochrome has resurfaced in the past few months! I alway tell friends that my mother was all black and white everything all the time! I grew up surrounded by sharp succinct views on fashion and home decor. Black and white patterned leggings and long tunic  dresses where my mothers go to outfit for herself and me. At the time I though her style was so cool and always found myself in her closet to "borrow" an outfit! 


Fast forward some decades later and I am finding myself falling in love once again with minimal designs and color schemes, and finding ways to incorporate this asethic  in to some of Princeton's clothing. however we also go wild and free and have fun with his wardrobe, by adding bold color and whimsical designs

I mean he certainly has the personality to match his colorful outfits!  We chose some of our favorite pieces from some of the hottest brands of the season and had ourselves a merry adventure with a beloved character ; Moomin. On our journey with Moomin we go from bright and colorful with vintage scooters, big beautiful balloons from Flora and Henri, the very coolest Wolf and Rita denim shirt and our favorite Bobo piece : the quilted vest  from the lovely shop Minimodel Gallery.

We then transform to a darker scene with Pieces from Cissy Wears including the Maiko-mini panda tee and Bang Bang CPH trousers, and to finish off these stunning looks, Rainbow and Snow silver boots from The Mini Life. All just amazing!


Mr.P and I certainly hope you enjoy our little adventure and  our SS15 picks of the season!

MR. P the colorful : Denim Fringe Shirt, Quilted Vest Mini Model Gallery

Large Party Ballons : Flora and Henri

Mr.P goes Monochrome : Panda Tee, Baggy Trousers, Cissy Wears

On the feet : Silver Boots, The Mini Life

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