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I'm Dutch and yes I'm proud of it. I already was a fan of Dutch design, but now I'm living on the other side of the world, I appreciate it even more.

You can imagine how pleased and proud I am that all of a sudden there are all these amazing children brands popping up! Of course we had a couple already, but us 'dutch mothers' often went overseas to Scandinavia if it was children's clothing concerned. No need anymore! 

One of these new fashion labels for babies and toddlers is Frankey’s  All their products are handmade and manufactured in the Netherlands, mainly from jersey cotton and merino wool. 

Frankey's is started by Karina and Vanessa who met each other on the school playground. Their boys were best friends and soon after they became friends too. They talked and dreamed together and that resulted in this amazing fresh and beautiful new brand. I'm such a sucker for stories like this! People who dare to follow their dream.

Frankey's is handmade and every product is unique. They use these beautiful soft colors and I love their details and quality. Next to clothing they make soft toys, posters and the most beautiful hand painted wooden blocks.

As they say: "We frankly believe that if you make something with love it will show." It absolutely does! Their collection can be found here.

X Madelon (@madebylon)

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Photos by Frankey's Playground and Madelon

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