Father’s Factory | Small Idea with Big Imagination!


Jimmy Chen and Tammy Tan, the father and mother of Father’s Factory, were both immigrants to the United States. They went to design school together and started their careers as designers thereafter. After losing his job in 2014, Jimmy decided to start his own business. As a father, Jimmy used cardboard to build toys for his two lovely daughters, Emma and Summer. Over time, his creations became an important part of the girls’ lives. They decorated the cardboard castle that Jimmy built, and they imagined it populated by flying dragons, fighting knights, and dancing princesses.

Seeing the many magical moments that his creations bought to his family, Jimmy was inspired to spread the joy with parents and kids around the world. He started to design toys that would bring families together and create memories that would last lifetimes. He wanted his creation could spark children’s imaginations. He spent 3 years to design, and look for the best wooden toy factory. He even prototyped them in his own factory (his garage), and the name “Father’s Factory” was born.

Today, Father’s Factory offers durable wooden toys that enable kids to use their imaginations to engage no matter what their age. Their first product line is a series of wooden toy cameras with kaleidoscopic lens. Kids love them, and parents love seeing their kids pretending to be little photographers. Father's Factory creates beautiful wooden pieces of heirloom quality that double as toys and decor.

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