CouCou Boston | Autumn 2019


Having celebrated a 3 year birthday earlier this year, CouCou was awarded its city’s coveted Best of Boston award by Boston Magazine for best children’s clothing. It’s no wonder with their amazing selection of international brands and these stunning seasonal Look Books they produce using customer and family friends children.

Under the direction of CouCou’s owner Astrid, photographer Eric Levin (@elevinstudios) captured these kids as they are - no makeup, no elaborate styling and no professional posing. Astrid’s own two babes are amongst the ‘models’ in these shots!

To shop, visit CouCou Boston or if you are in Boston, go visit the South End location, 24 Union Park Streettoshoptheir super adorable Fall and Winter looks!

20190908_5665 copy.jpg
20190908_5942 copy.jpg

Photos Courtesy of Elevin Photography