Eco by Naty: Award winning eco diapers, wipes, pull on pants and more | @Jodieemarieee


Rather than basing so much of the diaper on oil based plastic as other brands do, Naty diapers use cornstarch plastic and other natural ingredients wherever possible. While their diapers are not 100% biodegradable yet, Naty is proud of the steps they have taken to provide us with an environmentally friendly diaper.
Naty diapers consist of chlorine free pulp to help with absorption, a back sheet and distribution center based on corn, as well as chlorine free cellulose in the diaper. Naty is the leading innovative eco company today. Should there be any doubt of that, look at their track record. During the 24 years since Marlene Sandberg founded the company they have introduced a number of game changing innovations, most recently the Clean Potty that eliminates the need of cleaning with biodegradable inserts. 

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All photos courtesy of @JodieeMarieee