Clover Juice

Today we are straying from our usual style feature to bring you something we are really excited about! Our new friends at Los Angeles based, Clover Juice have just announced the launch of their nationwide shipping campaign and we could not be more thrilled. The unique juice blends that have quickly made Clover a go-to for Los Angeles foodies and health nuts alike, will now ship anywhere in the U.S., exposing the rest of the country to the incredible produce that only California provides.

As you all know, getting enough fruits and vegetables in our little ones can be a real challenge. We try our best to keep our kids away from fast food or sugary squeeze pouches so finding a fresh and healthy option like Clover is just what we need for their little bellies. Clover Juice brings the yummiest options for kids with flavors like Glow (prickly pear and cactus), Gold n' Greens (a blend of greens and pineapple) and our favorite Coco Snow (coconut water with bits of coconut). Our kids can not get enough of this delicious juice! 

For the month of April, Clover is offering MiniStyle readers 20% off their order with code 'ministyle20'. Get yours here!


Megan SandersonComment