Chewable Charm

 Teething necklaces seem to be all the rage at the moment. All of our mom friends have been sporting them on a daily basis so when we came across the stylish and safe teething jewelry from Chewable Charms, we were floored!

 Rachel Fisher and her husband started Chewable Charm in 2014 after their son Austin was born. They really… like really, enjoy the craft of designing and making something beautiful in their home and sending it out to other moms and babies to wear and enjoy. They want you to feel just as fashionable as you feel practical wearing their gorgeous handmade necklaces. 

Remember the days where you could actually wear that cute Anthropologie necklace without those little fingers pulling and nibbling on every inch? Your new "Mom style" is a real thing and it happens to all of us. Chewable Charm is here to help keep your pre-baby style with their modern designs while helping soothe your little ones teething gums.

Fun fact, all of our necklace and bracelet designs are named after their son, Austin’s best friends!

We love the Kimberly necklace, the silicone Avery bracelet and this sweet wooden toy-ALL perfect for your teething babe!

And guess what?! Chewable Charm is offering Mini Style readers 30% off their entire purchase with code 'Minicharm30'! That's huge! 

Shop the entire collection here.

All photos courtesy of Irina Skarzhinets