Blooming Bath | @LaurenBoches

We were introduced to Blooming Bath a while back and instantly fell in love! Blooming Bath is the most adorable and convenient way to bathe your baby. You know when you try to give your babe a bath in the sink and it can get super slippery? The Blooming Bath with its cuddly softness of an pretty plush flower makes it so much easier! Once bath time is over, just squeeze out excess water and place in the dryer for 10-15 minutes, or hang dry using the hangtag on the back. 

Blooming Bath also carries some really darling bath time accessories like this ultra absorbent hooded towel. We love all of the vibrant colors to choose from.

Shop Blooming Bath here and use code 'MinistyleBlog' for 20% off of your order!

All photos courtesy of @LaurenBoches