Beachwood Baby featuring @MelissaClickPhotography

Anyone living in California knows that year round trips to the beach with your little ones in tow are an absolute must. There are sandcastles to build, tide pools to discover and sunsets to watch! When we came across the adorable Beachwood Baby, we just knew we had to share this amazing little shop with our readers. When Beachwood Baby's founder was left unhappy with the types of baby carriers she was finding, she decided to create her own. She wanted a hands free way to protect and comfort her baby. Made from a single layer of 60% cotton & 40% linen, the linen blend keeps your babies body cool in hot weather and warm in the winter. The sling is adjustable, and can carry your babies up until they're toddlers. We love this one worn here in our photos.

In addition to Beachwood Baby's gorgeous slings, they also have a wonderful little online marketplace carrying some of our favorite items like these turkish towel robes and classic Avarcas. The robes are perfect for cozying up your little ones after a long day at the beach or after a nice warm bath!

Shop Beachwood Baby here and use code 'MINISTYLEBLOG' for 15% off your purchase. 

All photos courtesy of Melissa Click Photography

Dress: @dolcevitatulsa

Hat: @gigipip

Bath products: @tubbytodd

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