Beach Bazaaar Kids featuring Gunn + Swain and Bink + Boo

We're a matter of weeks away from summer - no school, longer days, sunny days and no homework in sight. In preparation for everyones favorite time of year, Gunn & Swain hit the beach with their best buds from Bink & Boo and had a little fiesta at the Beach Bazaar. Their summer kid's collection includes two new super fun tees for minis with artwork designed by surfer and artist, Shelby Ling.  Check out these super comfy ankle biter pants - they're created from super soft, repurposed t-shirts and perfect for play, lounging around or hanging at the beach. Now hurry up and get here Summer -we can't wait to see our littles in these amazing pieces!

Ankle Biter pants, bloomers & booties: Bink & Boo / @binkandboo

Blankets, tees & hoodies: Gunn & Swain / @gunnswain

Photos: Taryn Kent / @taryn_kent