Bandit Kids / X Marks The Spot Collection

We recently discovered the Australian line, Bandit kids, and we must say- we are smitten!

Their newest "X Marks The spot" collection includes fun graphics like little binoculars and yummy donuts! 

About the new collection:

‘Fox on the Run’ is trying to find the treasure, ‘X Marks the Spot’. Coppers eating ‘Copper Doughnuts’ are chasing him and spying on him with ‘I Spy’ binoculars and ‘Click Click’ spy cameras. They’re French police and their ‘French Siren’ is wailing ‘NEE-eu NEE-eu’. Whatever! “Catch Me If You Can”.


Photography by Mark Seabury
Illustrations by Emma Labattaglia and Ruben de Haas


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Megan Sanderson2 Comments