Band of Boys | @FiveLittleBirds

Band of Boys was established in 2013 to bring something cool for boys to wear. They want boys of all ages to love their threads and to have fun with fashion. Band of Boys knows a thing or two about boys and they design their gear to complement their free personalities - their clothes are made to move in as boys never sit still and will always be the ones climbing, running and doing the unexpected. They do cool and comfortable and they don’t do dull and boring.  

Band of Boys are about the boys because boys are rad. They are curious and funny as heck and they’re never afraid to be loud and crazy. They have ceaseless energy, buckets of courage and boundless imaginations. They live in the moment, are free-spirited and totally awesome and we find them completely inspirational.

Their SPOT ME winter 2017 collection has taken its inspiration for the color palette from a typical winter’s day vibe; when it is colder than cool, the sky is grey and the trees are a moody green from the fog and shadows.  They then injected lots of playful and fun prints from the talented New Zealand illustrator Nadia Flower to create a collection that is all about cool sophistication.

The range includes both light weight and cosy jumpers, a knit cardigan, shortsleeve and longsleeve tees, trackies, the comfiest skinny jeans you will ever find, slouch pants, cool caps and slouch beanies. All made from high quality cotton fabrics these garments will be this seasons favorites with both moms and kids!

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All photos courtesy of @FiveLittlebirds