Babysoy: Modern, Soft, Organic + Eco Baby Clothing | @November2007


Babysoy was founded over a decade ago etween 2 life-long friends who made discoveries and faced life challenges that coincided at the same time and sparked into a baby clothing collection. 

ONE friend discovered a patent eco-friendly soy from azlon fabric and dreamed of transitioning from his 9 to 5 job to launch a company with his wonderful discovery. The OTHER friend, a graphic-designer-single-mommy was having difficulty finding simple, modern and eco-friendly layettes that's free of harmful chemicals for her newborn baby girl --- who lost her daddy to cancer that's caused by the not-so-green environment he was exposed to. 

When ONE paid a visit to see OTHER's baby girl, challenges were expressed, dreams were shared, ideas were exchanged and babysoy was born 6 months after baby girl (who is now a grown tween and ONE, now a proud daddy, has a pair of twin toddlers of his own). 

Babysoy has come a long way from that first day while coo-ing over baby girl. he collection has been seen on babies of celebrities (Brooke Shields, Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry, Ming-Na Wen, & Jenna Elfman) and eco and design-conscious parents nationally and worldwide. 

Each piece from, Babysoy is  collection is made with β€œazlon from soybean fiber” and it is superbly soft! We love the super sweet Janey Baby collection, inspired by Jane Goodall and featuring whimsical drawings of endangered species. Shop the collection here.


All Photos Courtesy of @November2007