Baby Degen

We are loving the quirky and brightly colored knits from Baby Degen!

Designer Lindsay Degen began creating her quirky knits at the age of three when her grandmother gave her a set of knitting needles and taught her how to stitch. In pursuit of mastering her skill set, Lindsay attended the Rhode Island School of Design as well as Central Saint Martins in London. After graduating Degen moved to New York City to create her crafty, concept-based collections under the namesake DEGEN.


After establishing herself as a top designer in the contemporary knitwear scene DEGEN set out to conquer another key market — baby apparel. In the summer of 2013 babyDEGEN made its debut, and was both a critical and commercial success. The line features separates, onesies and accessories made from the softest and most durable fabrics incorporating the same cheeky aesthetic the designer has become known for.

This past January DEGEN won the coveted Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award, marking her as a designer to watch — one who is constantly cultivating excitement through her quirky and unique creations.

DEGEN currently resides in Brooklyn where all of her pieces are conceptualized and brought to life.